Adult Awards

Having a dedicated corps of volunteers has been instrumental in delivering the mission of Girl Scouts. Volunteers and community partners who make a difference in the lives of girls can be thanked by nominating them for an adult recognition.

Contact your Overseas Awards Committee to get specifics for submitting Nomination Forms and required Letters of Endorsement.


National Recognition

Nomination forms for National Recognition and USAGSO-NA awards are due by February 15, 2014. Honorees will be announced at the Adult Recognition Ceremony (date to be determined).

The following award nominations are for service with Overseas Committee-wide or international impact. Awards include:  Appreciation Pin, Honor Pin, Thanks Badge and Thanks Badge II.


Overseas Committee Recognition

The following award nominations are for service to a troop/group or Overseas Committee. Awards include: Volunteer of Excellence and President’s Award.


Membership Numeral Guards

Membership Numeral Guards show the total number of years (not necessarily continuous or consecutive) of registered membership, both as a girl and an adult, in any Girl Scout/Girl Guide organization. Numeral Guards are attached to the Official Girl Scout Membership Pins (regular or miniature size) and are placed to the right of the pin on clothing or on the insignia tab. The five-year numeral guard replaces five membership stars: a ten-year guard replaces ten membership stars. Numeral Guards are available in increments of 5 years. Numeral Guards are available at the USAGSO-NA Shop.

Overseas Committees are encourged to include Years of Service Awards in their local Adult Recognition events. Volunteers earning 20 years or more will be honored at the USAGSO-NA Adult Recognition Ceremony (date to be determined). Notify of any eligible recipients by February 15, 2014.

Lady Baden-Powell Award

Click here to find out more about this award.