Our Board

Board Mission Statement

Provide governance and fiduciary responsibility to USAGSO-NA
ensuring continued growth and stability, in fulfilling the mission of
helping girls become girls of courage, confidence, and character.


Maintain the diversity of the board to enrich USAGSO-NA and
manage change in the European community.

Position Name Location
Chair Laurie Menzel Stuttgart, Germany
First Vice-Chair Rosalind Dennis Heidelberg, Germany
Second Vice President Cynthia Beard Stuttgart, Germany
Secretary Susan P. Hargis, PhD Kaiserslautern, Germany
Treasurer Karen Taylor Stuttgart, Germany
Chief Executive Officer Kathryn Owen Camp Darby, Italy
Members at Large
Bruce Anderson Heidelberg, Germany
Dr. Nancy Bresell Weisbaden, Germany
Pam Bartelle Beneleux, Germany
Col. Mary Boucher Menwith Hill, UK
Brenda Coffield Heidelberg, Germany
Vera Ann Garcia Weisbaden, Germany
William Harvin Stuttgart, Germany
Catherine Locke Anglia, UK
Joseph Marton III Sembach, Germany
Michelle Miller Alconbury, UK
Robert E. Purtiman Jr. Wiesbaden, Germany
Megan Tierra Camp Darby, Italy
John Sciacalepone Heidelberg, Germany
Girl Representative Avalon Roche Landstuhl, Germany
Girl Representative Amy Young Stuttgart, Germany