Girl Scout Cookie Program

The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the largest girl-led business in the world with $700 million in annual sales. Every year millions of girls learn how to run a business by actually running a business!

Through the 5 Skills for Girls each girl will learn how to set goals for activities like community service and leadership projects. The Girl Scout Cookie Program teaches girls practical life skills that will help them become leaders in every aspect of life.

So what does the Girl Scout Cookie Program look like for USAGSO-NA for 2015? Everything you need to know is right here at your fingertips.


Kick Off the Cookie Season with a Samoas Birthday Bash!

Kick off the Girl Scout cookie season with high energy and help girls get the basics of selling cookies. This year, it’s as easy as attending a birthday party–gather the girls and watch online! This high energy, online video gives girls the inspiration and training they need to have a great season.

Can’t make the date? The video will remain online so you may use it any time you wish after January 10.

2015 Cookie Sale Dates: 6 February – 6 March

Girl Scout Cookies are on sale at booths in USAGSO-North Atlantic overseas communities from 6 February to 6 March 2015.  Not sure where you can find cookies in your area? Contact and we will set your compass to “Cookies!”

2015 Cookie Selection

ThinMints6     SamoaWithPartyHat    Tagalongs5    

 Do-si-dos1             Trefoils2           Savannah3 

Rah_Rah Rasins



New cookie innovation for the 2015 season!


Cookie Recipes

Do you think Girl Scouts Cookies are just for dunkin’? Think again. With Girl Scouts Cookies you can create culinary classics that will keep them coming back for more. So, why not stock up on all your favorites? Try Girl Scout Cookies in recipes!

Cookie Prices for 2015

  • USD: $4.00
  • Euro: 3.50
  • GBP: 2.80
  • TRY: 9.00

The Euro, GBP and TRY price per package will be established in January 2015.

Cookie Program FAQs

Girl Scout Cookie sales might seem a little different in overseas communities.  Take a look at the USAGSO-NA FAQs for the Cookie Program.

For Troop/Group Volunteers and Parents

There are many ways to help girls have a successful Cookie Program like volunteering  at a cookie booth or leading them to learn the 5 Skill for Girls.  Read more in this valuable resource: Cookie Program Volunteer Resources