Are you a Training Trailblazer?

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How does it feel to be a training trailblazer?  If you are one of the 62 people to complete the online Group Camp Basics course or the 95 people to complete the online Leading Girls so far then that is exactly what you are!  Not once in the 87 year history of USA Girl Scouts Overseas have all of the required adult learning courses been so easily accessible.  The three required courses to be a primary Girl Scout volunteer can now all be completed in the comfort of your own home, at the time most convenient for you.

In addition, to go camping with the girls, the bulk of the training is now available online with the second part to be completed in-person.  October saw the first of these in-person trainings held in Ramstein, Heidelberg, Wiesbaden and SHAPE and Menwith Hill is hosting the trainings in November.  While there are some technological glitches that are still being worked out in the online trainings, please see the FAQ’s below to answer any lingering questions.  For those of you that have completed the courses, pat yourself on the back for taking that step to be the best Girl Scout volunteer you can be for the girls you serve!  If you have not yet taken the courses, it is never too late to do so.  Set aside some time (approximately 1 ½ hours each for Leading Girls and Group Camp Basics) and click here to get started on your first one.

Online Girl Scout Training FAQs

Q.  Before doing these online trainings are there others that I should take?
A.  Yes.  Both the Girl Scouting 101 online tutorial and the Welcome to Girl Scouting webinar should be completed prior to taking these online trainings.  Girl Scouting 101 can be accessed at this link.  The password is: aboutGS101.  When registering for this 45 minute tutorial, be sure to indicate that your “council” is USAGSO.  Welcome to Girl Scouting is a webinar that can be attended live (links to register are here) or you may watch a recorded version found here.

Q.  When I take the online courses, I am told to “Post Your Results,” what does that mean?

A.  When clicking on “Post Your Results,” the participant’s score and the fact that the training has been completed is registered with the database at USAGSO-North Atlantic.  If the results are not posted in this way, it will appear in the database that the training was not completed, but that it was viewed only.  It is very important to complete the quiz and “Post Your Results.”  Be sure to click through to all the training slides to find the “Post Your Results” page. We understand there have been some problems with this but believe the issue has been resolved.

Q.  Shouldn’t I have a manual or a book to go along with the Group Camp Basics training?

A.  For Group Camp Basics online, a list of links to the manual and other helpful resources are emailed to the participant when the registration page is completed.  This manual and the resources are items to bookmark and have available for when planning camping trips with your girls.  There is a lot of information but do not get overwhelmed or discouraged!  The progression of camping with Girl Scouting allows for your learning curve as well as theirs.  It is not recommended start out with an overnight camping experience.  As learned in the online training, girls should first go outdoors for a hike or outdoor cooking, move up to a sleep over or lock-in and gradually move into camping outdoors overnight.  The progression will help to bring leadership skills to the girls, teach them important life lessons and make for a better experience when they actually do go overnight in the great outdoors.

Q.  What is the “in-person” Group Camp Basics?  Do I have to take that portion as well as the online version?

A.  Yes.  Both parts of the Group Camp Basics are required to be certified to take Girl Scouts camping.  The online course addresses all of the topics that are needed to know for camping with Girl Scouts.  The manual and informative links support all of this information so it is at your fingertips.  The in-person training teaches the hands-on skills that cannot adequately be taught online such as putting up tents, building fires and outdoor cooking.  You will be glad you took both parts when going outdoors with the girls the first time.

Q.  What about a manual for Leading Girls?  Don’t I need handbooks?

A.  They are already available!  The adult guides for the Girl Scout Journeys, the Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting (GGGS) and Volunteer Essentials (as well as the Safety Activity Checkpoints) have all the information needed to reference for a positive Girl Scouting experience.  If you have not had a chance to look into these resources, please do so at your earliest convenience.  Volunteer Essentials offers answers to just about any question regarding Girl Scouting and working with the girls, the Safety Activity Checkpoints take care of the girls’ safety needs and the adult Journey guides and the GGGS cover all the activity ideas. (The Journey books can be purchased through the USAGSO-North Atlantic shop and the GGGS can be purchased from the GSUSA shop.)

Q.  How do I get the in-person trainings in my area?

A.  Speak to the local Overseas Committee Chairperson about requesting a training.  The training requests must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the training date in order to access facilitators, get participants registered and make the venue arrangements.  There must be a minimum number of participants in order to hold the training.  The local OCC has access to the form that needs to be completed for the request.

For the complete details about how to be a Girl Scout volunteer and complete the required trainings (as well as links to helpful resources) read here for more information.


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