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The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting, a fresh update of beloved Girl Scout traditions is available for girls in all six age levels in a colorful, three-ring binder format. There is no adult guide. Adults will use the same publication the girls use along with their Journey Facilitator Guides.

The binder includes:

  • Basic handbook information including Girl Scout traditions and history
  • Requirements for Legacy, Financial Literacy and Cookie Business Badges (or Petals and Leaves for Girl Scout Daisies)
  • Information about Bridging, Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and new faith-based recognitions
  • Make your own badge information
  • Accessory pages – places to put stickers, scrapbook or journal favorite Girl Scout memories

Now Available!!!

The Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting Badge Packets do not include the actual badges (award patches). All badges are sold separately from the Badge Packets and the Girl’s Guide. Badge Packets contain approximately 10-12 pages of content that are the earning requirements and program activities for five (5) skill-building badges. Girls can purchase these additional badge packets based on their needs and interest. The Badge packets are three-hole punched so they can be inserted into their Girl’s Guide to Girl Scouting binders. It is like purchasing an additional 1-3 chapters of content detailing the additional five badges contained in each packet. They are grouped to relate to the Journey series topics much like the program content is shown on the Journey Maps by grade level .

There are 12 Badge Packets that relate to the three Journey series topics for Girl Scout Brownie (3), Girl Scout Junior (3), Girl Scout Cadette (3), and Girl Scout Senior (3) grade levels. All Badge Packets are $ 4.00.

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