How to Become a Volunteer

landing_volunteeringHow to Sign up:
Adult volunteers, 18 years of age and older, are welcome to participate in service to all girls within the jurisdiction of USA Girl Scouts Overseas. Each candidate for a volunteer position is required to complete an application. Those individuals having responsibility for children are required to supply two references.

Adult volunteers are selected based on the ability to perform the job, willingness and availability to participate in training for the position and acceptance of the principles and beliefs of Girl Scouting.

Girl Scouting is a membership organization. Girls join the Movement to take part in Girl Scout program; adults join in order to make program possible and available to girls. Adults participating in the Movement will register as members of the Girl Scout Movement.

A written agreement will typically be completed at the time of appointment to a volunteer position. It will include a term of appointment, specific expectations for job performance, and signatures of the volunteer and her/his supervisor. The appointment process will usually include a position description. An interview may be used to determine placement.

Volunteer personnel are expected to complete orientation and training for the position as soon as possible.


Volunteer Agreement 
Volunteer Application and Reference Check